Heavy Duty CL4 LED Surface Mount ECER65 12/24V Warranty 5 yrs


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Heavy Duty CL 4 LED surface-mount  ECER65 12/24V 

CL 4 SURFACE Surface/Grille Light is the perfect choice if you are looking for the ultimate Marker Lights with unique high-intensity and high-visibility properties at an affordable price. The CL4 is SAE and R65 approved and has been aggressively tested to cut through the worst weather and road conditions.

The CL 4 Surface Mount is the perfect application for customers who work in on-demand industries like construction, towing, volunteer fire, or EMS. With 4 Generation 5, 3Watt powerful, LINEAR, Surface Mounted LED’s, the CL 4 gives you instantaneous power.

This surface/grille mount is one of the most advanced light-heads on the market today. With its unparalleled brightness at such a competitively low price, the CL 4 Surface/Grille light is designed with public safety professionals in mind.


• Powered by 12V/24V

• PHILLIPS LED Technology

• SAE J595 Class 1 ECER65 Certified

• LINEAR Optics

• 4 Generation 5, 3 Watt PHILLIPS LEDs

• 21 available flash patterns

• Built-in sync functionality

• Non-volatile memory recalls last flash pattern

• The lifespan of up to 100,000 hours • Includes 1 foot of cable

• Weather-proof housing

• 1 Amp draw

• With ECER65 only in Amber/Amber

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